The Journey of Starting a Responsible Enterprise

Caitlan Nys
April 19, 2024

Our students in the second year of primary have been busy inquiring into the process of a social enterprise, how social enterprises consider purpose and needs and wants, the market forces that influence decision making and positive social impact. We are proud of their engagement and the collaborative spirit they demonstrated throughout the process. This blog post is a celebration of that pride.

7 March 2024: Exploring Market Forces in P2’s Chocolate Shop

Today was an exciting day for P2 as we delved into market forces and their impact on prices. Our exploration began with an engaging chocolate shop activity, where the students gained hands-on experience of how market dynamics influence the prices of goods.

As the students entered their makeshift chocolate shop, they were assigned roles as buyers and sellers. With a variety of chocolate pralines available, each with its own price tag, the students quickly realised that prices were not fixed but were influenced by various factors, such as supply and demand. They eagerly negotiated prices, considering factors like scarcity, popularity, and consumer preferences. Through these interactions, they grasped the concept of market forces in action.

One of the highlights of the activity was witnessing students' strategies to maximise their profits as sellers while also searching for the best deals as buyers. 

As they reflected on their experiences, the chocolate shop provided a memorable way for P2 to recognise and comprehend the intricate interplay between the forces in our global marketplace.

22 March 2024: PY2’s Assembly

After learning all about social enterprises, P2 embarked on their journey to create their own. Over the course of several weeks, they dedicated themselves to organising and preparing for their big day! They transitioned from role-playing as buyers and sellers to becoming real sellers, attracting genuine buyers!

Today, during the assembly, these young entrepreneurs proudly presented their social mission and showcased their enterprises to the rest of the school community in Primary.

From animal-shaped biscuits to statues, dreamcatchers, and cocoa butter lotion bars, P2 developed their own company name, designed their posters, prepared engaging presentations, and launched their sales. Their efforts were met with great success!

They attracted numerous potential buyers and were pleasantly overwhelmed by the number of order receipts received by the end of the day! 

Next week, they'll have their hands full fulfilling these orders.

28 March: Delivery Day

As the days passed, everyone worked diligently to ensure all orders were prepared on time, eagerly anticipating the day when they would sell their products in exchange for payment. 

On delivery day, these young students sold out all of their products and made a lovely profit!

Seeing these students taking agency in their own learning and project development with keen enthusiasm and excitement for the endeavour, is one of the most satisfying feelings one could have as a teacher.

After weeks of effort, they learned the invaluable lesson that hard work and dedication can lead to great reward!

April 19, 2024

Caitlan Nys

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