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Student Council

Meet the Student Council

The student council is an important part of the North Campus Team! We want our students to help us build the school they want. Students are planning decisions on school identity-related matters like house names, mascot, as well as timetable and teacher support for next academic year.

Meet the North Student Council
President, High School 2
Representative, Primary 2
Representative, Primary 5
Representative, Middle School 1
Representative, Middle School 2
Representative, Middle School 3
Representative, High School 1
Representative, High School 2
Sport Captain, High School 1
Sport Captain, Middle School 2
Student Life Coordinator, Middle School 2
Student Life Coordinator, Middle School 3
Student Life Coordinator, Middle School 3

North Campus Houses

House of Poseidon's leader

" My name is Henry I’m in DP1. I’m the tallest there is and I’m ready to bring team Poseidon through the harshest of sea storms. "


House of Apollon's leader

" My name is Alix and if there’s one promise I can make, it is that I will not let Apollo fall behind. I love to bring people together and will lead us to the top of the podium whilst making sure each individual is proud to be a part of this house ! "


House of Poseidon's leader

" My motivation is to win, my name is Asaad Dekelver and am in DP 1, I’ve been at BIS for about 6 years now. I am a people person and will make sure my house wins. "


House of Poseidon's leader

" My name is Yazan and I don’t know the word « loser ». I’ve been at BIS for about 3 years now. I will make sure my house wins and more important, that every single person from my house will have fun doing the activities "


Parents School Association

Parents School Association

The BIS Parents School Association (PSA) is an extension of BIS that aims to support and implement BIS Mission and Core Values to the greater Community.
We believe in a learning Community that involves the entire family where we feel home away from home.


The PSA automatically includes teachers, staff and parents/guardians of all students currently enrolled at BIS.
It is committed to organizing activities and events, establishing a constructive dialogue and feedback with the school, and creating a warm and caring community.

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If you want to stay in the loop of what we are up to, or have ideas, comments, suggestions to share, you can join our PSA Committee WhatsApp group and our zoom meeting (hopefully soon to become again a coffee morning!) which are happening once to twice a month (the zoom meeting links are shared with our Community through ManageBac messages).

You can also reach out by sending an email to

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How ?

Whether you have a little or a lot of time to spare, you can always choose to help out and contribute with your skills, talents and time – every parent is welcome to join the PSA initiatives and events at any time in the year and in any way!

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School Blog

BIS North Campus Blog

April 19, 2024
Caitlan Nys

The Journey of Starting a Responsible Enterprise

In this blog entry, Ms. Caitlan Nys describes the power of inquiry and action as students investigated the process of a social enterprise, how social enterprises consider purpose and needs and wants, the market forces that influence decision making and positive social impact.

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