Healthy Sports Culture

Roberto Duro
January 10, 2024

In the PHE department at Bogaerts International School North Campus, we place great importance on students understanding, valuing and practicing a HEALTHY SPORTS CULTURE. This concept, which can sometimes be overlooked or taken for granted, involves not only the moment of physical activity but also everything that surrounds it, including the moments before and after. 

Through a unit of inquiry that focuses on Padel, students explore how, through the application of a healthy sports culture, this sport can contribute to the improvement of their physical, mental and social health. In these images, we can see how students, previously informed of the value of each of the moments (pre, active, and post), work on taking care of their health.

1. Transition to the facilities  (Images 1 and 2): The students, on their way to the Padel facilities, walk for fifteen minutes, during which they interact freely with their classmates and friends. This is an opportunity to work on their physical (walking), mental (break period between activities) and social (building and taking care of their relationships) health.

2. Padel Practice Session  (Image 3): During this phase students work on their physical health (practicing the sport), mental health (secreting hormones such as endorphins through movement), and social health (through relationships with peers on the court). 

3. Transition back to school ( Image 4): In this phase, as in the initial phase, students work on the different spectrums of their health as they gradually prepare to return to their normal activity in the rest of their classes and subjects. 

In this period of an hour and a half, the students have built a culture surrounding the sport of Padel in which enjoyment, physical activity, and good vibes become the fundamental elements.

January 10, 2024

Roberto Duro

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