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Over 20 nationalities in our campus.

Welcome to BIS North Campus

Our new campus in the North of Brussels opened in September 2022, just next door to NATO and many multinational companies.

The North Campus is led by Rafael Ángel, a highly experienced educator with an extensive understanding of the International Baccalaureate Program.


Let us help you understand whether BIS is the right learning environment for your child to thrive. We offer personal campus tours and we are always there to advise you. 

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The community works together to enhance students’ academic and personal skills and competencies, with ongoing inquiry and reflection that secures their holistic development.

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The teachers, teaching assistants and support staff at BIS are all dedicated to ensuring that the students in our care are happy, secure and enjoying their learning.

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Our latest news, information about school uniform, school calendar, canteen, after-school activities and bus routes.

A word from our Team

Meet our team leaders for the North Campus.

“An amazing service”

Warmest greetings to the Bogaerts Education community.
My name is J. Rafael Ángel. I have been teaching since 1999, and I have had the pleasure to work and learn in the 3 IB regions as an educator, program coordinator and teaching and learning director. I am an educator by trade. This means that I believe that learning must never be compromised despite the challenges. I believe in accompanying children in their learning journeys and in using their experiences to shape the learning cosmos that we create.

I am forever a learner, and a firm believer in meaningful collaboration.

Rafael Ángel
Pedagogical Director


IB Global Conferences

IB Continuum Teacher
Coordinator & L
earning Director

Mexico, USA,  
Jordan, India,
China, Argentina, & UAE

Coaches, trains
& supports
schools around the world

Publications MYP & DP
teaching resources

“One of a kind service”

As a mom myself, I understand the importance of quality education where individualised teaching is not only a concept but something that is practised every day in the classroom so each child can blossom and develop to become the best possible version of themself.

Monica Gheorghe
Primary Homeroom Teacher

“The best service”

Being an educator, it is my goal to make science a lively and interactive subject by bringing innovation to the classroom.The greatest joy is to see the spark in the eyes of students when they grasp new insights.I believe that as an educator it is our job to hand students the right tools for them to have the liberty to paint the canvas of their life.

Kien Drakes
Secondary Years Science Teacher

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Our Curriculum

PYP Curriculum

What does this mean for your child? If you place your child, age 3 to 11, with our Primary Years Programme, then you are providing your child with an education in the most recognized international curriculum in the world.

MYP Curriculum

Bogaerts International School is proud to offer the IB Middle Years Programme. This programme, aligned with our PYP and DP offerings, provides our students with an education aligned with the most recognized international curriculum in the world.  

MYP Curriculum

DP Curriculum

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepare students for success at university and life beyond. The programme has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities as it prepares students for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society.

DP Curriculum

Bogaerts International School