Bake Sale for World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Phoebe Demetry
February 17, 2023

At BIS North Campus, EY3 has been learning about animal migrations this month. This inquiry provided an opportunity to explore a range of subjects. The students discussed measuring the distances traveled by the animals, measuring capacity, the impacts of pollution and deforestation on animal habitats and the needs of each animal and how they might go about meeting those needs. However, with a lot of focus set on measurements, the EY3 class thought it would be a good opportunity to make a bake sale to raise money to help protect the habitats of the animals in hopes to facilitate their migration journeys.

The EY 3 students were incredibly excited to organize a bake sale for the whole school and could not wait to get their hands on the measuring cups, scales and dough, and showcase their new knowledge about how to measure. The students had a visual aid to help follow the recipe of the buns. But, after making the second batch, the children were natural bakers.

We finished the bake sale earning over 100 euros! Super Well Done EY3!!

April 19, 2023

Phoebe Demetry

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