Standing on the shoulders of giants

Monica Gheorghe
February 3, 2023

Imagine if you could travel back in time! 

Our PY2 learners graders got very close to doing that last Thursday 8th of December when they went to the Victor Horta Museum to put into practice the understanding and skills they acquired during the unit guided by the concepts of entrepreneurship and advocacy to cause change.

During this field trip the pupils saw for themselves how the internationally renown architect Victor Horta used geometric shapes to build and decorate a beautiful house for him and his family that eventually became a museum for everyone to enjoy. After spending several weeks studying geometric shapes and their properties our young pupils adventured into different learning experiences to understand how we have been using geometric shapes since ancient times to make life better.  They looked at how circles have been turned into wheels, triangles into bridges and at how our little friends the honeybees became nature’s finest mathematicians.

At the Horta Museum, we kickstarted our journey by dressing up as young ladies and gentlemen from Horta’s time. Subsequently, we went around the museum with our

knowledgeable guides to observe and investigate why and how the architect made such a skilful use of geometric shapes. At the end of the visit we got the opportunity to create our own piece of stained glass by drawing inspiration from Horta’s work.

April 19, 2023

Monica Gheorghe

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