A Celebration of Curiosity

Arturo Viola
May 12, 2023

Remember your time in school?

Has anyone ever asked you what your dreams were?

This was the seed of the amazing journey this year for PY5. Working with their individual passions and dreams, children forged projects and showcased a wealth of knowledge: Space travel, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Genetics, Football and Sustainability.

Children investigated the history of human endeavour and evolution of technology. They used not only researching skills, but they also developed critical thinking skills, problem solving, explored many different levels of communication (not only presentation but how effectively they could communicate they ideas). They had to work independently, and time management was crucial.

As a teacher, I could have not expected a better outcome: language development, confidence, subject knowledge, communication skills, respect, care, and teamwork. All those were more than evident, and every child excelled. They were the first group in BIS North to put an exhibition together, and they set the standard to unimaginable levels.

The following video showcases the impact this journey had on students.

May 26, 2023

Arturo Viola

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