A celebration of design thinking and creativity

Rafael Angel
March 9, 2023

Students in Middle School year 1 held a stelar role today as they shared the final outcomes of their inquiry into educational toy design. Not only had they been working with a 'customer' (our EY teachers), but also investigating the passions and interests of their target audience (EY students).

Taking the challenge to build an educational toy that can be used to support learning experiences was not the only challenge students welcomed. They also had the limitation of ONLY using recycled materials and they could not spend more than €10 in other materials they may need to purchase.

Needless to say, the pride for the outcome they produced and the ownership of their learning journey was evident as they presented with poise and satisfaction.

We are proud to celebrate all the efforts in our community, especially those that bring us together, as well as those that allow us to learn more about the main people in the building: students. Opportunities like this allow us to see the variety of strengths students possess, which may not be so visible in some experiences.

Seeing how children engaged with the toys they created, and how adults appreciated their learning journey helped students see the power of being humble and vulnerable to show their work, because they deserve to be.

April 19, 2023

Rafael Angel

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