Nurturing a Reading Community at Bogaerts International School

Bruno Fernández
March 6, 2024

Last week, Primary Years 3 at Bogaerts International School embarked on an inspiring journey to cultivate a vibrant reading culture within our community 📖

During our assembly, it was proudly announced that our PY3 students took the lead in empowering and fostering their agency and ownership in this endeavour. Together, we introduced innovative initiatives aimed at fostering a love for reading among our students:

🔖 Personalized Bookmarks: Students got creative, designing their own bookmarks to add a personal touch to their reading adventures while helping to preserve the integrity of the books by not folding their pages

📝 Interest Questionnaires: We crafted surveys to better understand our peers' reading preferences, ensuring personalized book recommendations for all.

💬 Reading Chats: Exciting virtual reading chats were proposed, providing opportunities for students to share their favourite books and inspire one another across grade levels.

📓 Reading Journals: Students will keep personal reading journals to reflect on their reading journeys, set goals, and track their progress.

📚 Teacher Recommendations: Emphasizing the importance of educators' guidance, we encouraged students to listen to teacher recommendations and engage in meaningful discussions about literature.

🌟 Sharing Beyond School: Students were encouraged to extend their reading experiences beyond the classroom, sharing with family and friends to create a wider reading community.

Together, we're fostering a culture of literacy and lifelong learning at Bogaerts International School 🌟📚 #ReadingCommunity #StudentEmpowerment #LiteracyCulture ✨

March 6, 2024

Bruno Fernández

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