Intentionally International, Diverse by Design.

Rafael Ángel
July 9, 2022

Dear Diegem, we are thankful for knowing you are hosting our learning community.

The growth and reputation of our South Campus empowers us to believe that we are able to create a thriving learning experience for students and their parents.

While we may begin our journey in a new building, the expertise of our team speaks volumes for the kind of school we aspire to be: we will continue to be a family-oriented school, a school that seeks to use everyone’s potential and contributions for growth, and a place for exploration, and inquiry where learning will not be compromised.

We are proud to have a team from 15 countries that, altogether, speaks around 20 different languages, including the 3 official languages of Belgium, which truly defines our international spirit and role models what it means to be surrounded by educators who experience learning first hand. Each of the members of our team speaks at least 2 or more languages.

We are interested in creating a learning environment where inclusion, diversity and differences are celebrated and define who we are. Instead of dreaming what it may look like, we want our community to experience what a truly international experience can be.

We thank you for the trust you have deposited on us, and we would like to remind you that this campus is also your school, so please stay tuned for future parent-education opportunities.


The Bogaerts International School North Campus Team

April 19, 2023

Rafael Ángel

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