The Playground

Rafael Ángel
September 3, 2022
We can fill up walls with posters about school values.
We can share glossy photos about the aesthetics of our school.
We can show off a buzzword-filled, creative description of a school facilities.
We can display hundreds of samples of authentic students work.

However, there is one place at a school with such power that one can easily see the extent to which the community values are embraced, and where they come to life through everyone’s interactions. This place is the playground.

The power of the playground lies on the fact that all members of the community, while being there, reveal their commitment to the values, agreements, beliefs, systems of the school. In a space where freedom and choice are the currency, it is hard to deny or shadow reality.

A play ground allows us to witness how engaged teaching staff are with students in play and passion-based discussions, how teaching staff and students alike model the agreements made in the classroom, and how we feel about one another. When we play, the most genuine elements of our spirits emerge, and it is then when one can have an authentic reality check on how life at school is like.

We at Bogaerts International School North Campus may be in our honey moon after a couple of days of being open, but the truth is that our breaks at the playground are delicacies worth enjoying.

Imagine if what we experienced in our lessons resembled the magic that swings produce?

We climb, slide, move sideways, find our way, and enjoy possibilities at the playground.

The playground, the place where the school community comes together.

April 19, 2023

Rafael Ángel

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