Science is Wonderful

Bruno Fernández
March 17, 2023

Today was an exciting day for our school!

Our students had the opportunity to attend "Science is Wonderful", a science exhibition organized by the European Union. This exhibition featured a range of interactive exhibits that showcased the value and impact of EU-funded research.

There were over 30 interactive stations where students could participate in fun and engaging activities that highlighted various scientific concepts such as virtual reality, pharmacists, laser mazes or human body exploration. The exhibits were really informative and enjoyable.

One of the highlights that we valued the most about this experience was the opportunity for our students to interact with leading researchers and innovators in the field of science. These experts made our students feel welcome and took the time to explain their work to our students in a fun and engaging manner. Seeing our students participate in discussions with these experts, asking questions and showing a true passion for science was inspiring, and revealed how well they have internalized the learning practices modelled at our north campus.

Interestingly, the exhibits were designed to make science accessible to all learners, regardless of their background or prior knowledge. Moreover, the experience allowed students to become aware of the relationship between experimentation and the development of understandings. Also, they were able to see that science can be like magic, and that it can amaze us in fun, engaging, and stimulating ways.  

Overall, "Science is Wonderful" was a fantastic experience that allowed our students to see the reach of science, and the power of possibilities. Today was truly a celebration of science.

April 19, 2023

Bruno Fernández

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