Displays of Students' Learning supports their Learner Identity Formation

November 16, 2023

A school provides opportunities to create a community. In order to blossom, we all need to feel that we belong in a community. We may demonstrate how we feel that we belong when we recognize that we have a forum and a voice to share our journeys.

We believe that providing opportunities for students to intentionally design outcomes for the different audiences in our context (younger learners, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff) and exhibit their work helps them to shape their identity as learners. More than just their sense of self, they also become aware of the way in which their experiences foster an overall sense of belonging and acceptance in their community. 

Mr. Fadi Alsulyman and Ms. Clara Díaz, our design teachers, have engaged our students in Middle School in a design and creative thinking experience in which they have retrieved past understandings of their design classes to produce service-oriented campaigns and board games with different objectives, and for different audiences. What is more, the fact that they orchestrated and secured participation for our youngest learners in early years, teachers and parents, truly demonstrate how this type of engagements have become a ritual that reflects what is at the core of our identity as a community that values learning, ownership and growth.

November 20, 2023


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