Concept & inquiry based education

A concept-based and inquiry-based institution committed to provide high quality education to students ages 3 to 16.

BIS follows the curriculum design, teaching and assessment principles of the Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction model (CBCI).

This framework aims to empower students to go beyond knowledge and skills, and move towards the mastery and transfer of conceptual understanding and skills. 

Concept & inquiry based education

Our definition of learning 

Learning is a process of growth, development and self-actualization based on observation, feedback, transformation, and trust.

In our BIS North community, we believe everyone can learn and succeed when: 

We engage in experiences that encourage us to use what we know, that challenge us, and that promote collaboration and reflection.

We see how everyone in our community models principled, empowering, inspiring, and learning-loving practices. 

We are part of a supportive culture that empowers us to take risks, make connections and develop our talents. 

4 Pillars

...that enhance our pedagogical principles

Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction

to design high quality curriculum and learning that goes beyond facts and skills

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

to empower students to make connections across learning through intentional, clear and relevant explorations and links across the curriculum, and to support the use and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways.  

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)

to honour all students as language learners 


to ensure the implementation of sustainable, harmonised, and systematised practices across our programmes

Teaching and learning at BIS supports looks and feels like…

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Explore concepts

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MobCreate schema by classifying information/knowledgeile app

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Identify relationships and connections

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Develop skills that can be transferred and applied in different subjects 

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Self-assess their progress

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Reflect on their challenges and opportunities


Assessment and reporting

Bogaerts International School