Measure, calculate, discover: can math transform everyday objects into mathematical marvels?

Bruno Fernández
May 22, 2023

Students in the 3rd grade of our primary program have experienced memorable success as they inquired into the relationships between area and perimeter.  Students engaged in an exciting and practical experience that provided a unique opportunity to measure objects found around our school premises. 

We revisited the concept of quadrilaterals and, with their understanding of this concept in mind, students approached their chosen objects and began taking measurements. It was a delight to witness their enthusiasm as they carefully recorded dimensions, applying their newly formed understanding of precision.

In the canteen, students measured the tables, calculated their areas, and realized the practical significance of accurate measurements. The ping-pong table provided a fascinating challenge as they made calculations to unveil its area! And measuring the carpets was certainly the most enjoyable part of the activity - students got on their hands and knees to trace the edges of the carpets with colorful paper squares, gleefully comparing results along the way.

This activity reminded us that mathematics extends far beyond textbooks and worksheets. Through curiosity and discovery, our students developed an appreciation for math in their everyday life - recognizing its integral role in our world. It's amazing what they can do when given immersive experiences that ignite their love for learning! 

Commending our students for their enthusiasm, perseverance, and creativity during this activity, we hope to continue exploring math through adventure and discovery!

May 26, 2023

Bruno Fernández

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