What brought the BIS North Campus founding team together?

Rafael Ángel
August 26, 2022
I believe that when putting a team together, the individuals leading a school should be fully aware of the way the new members will role model cherished values and practices in the organization, while enabling new developments and opportunities. I believe that an organization should welcome educators with aspirations that align with the institution’s mission and vision. What is more, I believe that organizations should care to welcome educators whose journey through the organization leaves visible signs of the impact they had, and the contributions they made. Most importantly, I believe that organizations should desire to develop partnerships with educators devoted to the art of learning, not solely to teaching.

For the first time in my life, I was tasked with putting together a complete school’s team. I had previously collaborated in choosing new members and in assessing a candidate’s potential, but have never been fully accountable for finding the individuals that would help an institution take its first steps. Needless to say, I approached it as I would approach a mission that has the potential to change my life.

It’s been nearly 5 months since I started searching for educators who were seeking to learn and construct, and who could believe in the potential of the project I was handed. To date, I am still reflecting on the dialogue I had with each of them virtually, and how it’s transitioned to a face to face.

One day I will be able to describe in full what constructing BIS North Campus meant, but for now, I am fully convinced that the following worked for me:

  • opening up to vulnerability during the conversation
  • moving away from corporate practices
  • searching for teacher voices, not employee voices
  • searching for individuals with aspirations
  • trying to find educators children would like to meet
  • paying attention to the seeds educators brought with them- I had fertile soil
  • looking for humans with stories that could fascinate children and teenagers

We have now spent over a week sharing insights and reflecting on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us. If our actions and thoughts are melodies, oh dead we are going to produce great compositions.

April 19, 2023

Rafael Ángel

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