Preparations for the Primary Years Celebration

Rafael Angel
March 2, 2023

At Bogaerts International School North Campus, we take the opportunity to celebrate students' growth, passions, interests, and learning through a culminating event that we call "The Primary Years Celebration". This unique opportunity allows students to share with the community the learning journey they experienced as they inquired into a topic or question of their interest.

For students at this stage of their lives, leading a research project is a challenging pursuit. Nonetheless, by engaging the community as support systems, we ensure that students feel empowered to bring their investigations to fruition.

This morning, Mr. Arturo Viola, lead educator in year 5, welcomed parents and, alongside students, shared the details of the system his students and himself have created in collaboration. The objective of this meeting was to inform parents about the role they will play, and to sensitize them about the fantastic journey their children have begun.

The celebration will take place in May, 2023.

April 19, 2023

Rafael Angel

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