The PTA in action

Gloria Harrison
November 13, 2022

A year like no other. Challenges, restrictions, changing agendas… But the PTA was never defeated!

We could not host the usual exciting social events – Gala night, Cheese & Wine – but found ways to pursue our goals of supporting and being part of the life of our beloved school, albeit with physical distancing.

BIS parents never fail to respond to all the initiatives brought up by the school.  Whether it being initiated by the Student Council, the DP students CAS projects or the PTA itself. #ProudOfOurCommunity

Indeed, the PTA is always happy to collaborate with the students in any way possible to help them with their projects (numerous Charities actions), and follow their lead in the way they choose to celebrate key dates. The Student Council share its wishes and the PTA obliged:

  • Funding and preparing Halloween decorations
  • St Nicolas little goodie bags
  • Providing Xmas decorations
  • Carnival Piñatas
  • Using the BIS parents WhatsApp groups to increase awareness

Recently The music department was thrilled to receive new equipment (funded by the PTA) and the playground will soon get a new swing!

Volunteer parents continue to work on the organization of the BIS Library which requires a huge task of compiling the books in the library software.

And last but not least we have now our very own second-hand uniform online shop!

The year is not over, more celebrations are around the corner and we are bracing ourselves for new opportunities as soon as the restrictions lightened.

Stay tune!



April 19, 2023

Gloria Harrison

Bogaerts International School