MYP5 Personal Project Exhibition

February 13, 2023

On the 10/02/2023 our dear MYP 5 students presented their Personal Project at the exhibition.

Before presenting the projects, the students had to give a brief speech on why they chose the specific topic they selected.

The Personal Project is a requirement of the IB Curriculum in order to allow the MYP students to move to the next stage, the IB Diploma Programme. Learn more about the Personal Project on the IB website

The MYP 5 students had to make a product and present it at the exhibition. They took an initiative of creating an idea for their product based on their interests. 

Two exhibitions were held on that day: 

On the afternoon, the session was held for teachers and students, on the evening, the session was dedicated to the parents.

The audience had an opportunity to walk around and take a look at the inspiring designs. The questions they asked at the booth allowed the students to be reflective, according to the IB learner profile.

Some examples of products the students have made are: having a scientific investigation, designing mobile apps, baking and sharing recipes, creating clothing brands, and writing a novel or a children's book.

Whilst presenting the final product of the Personal Project, the students were collecting data,

such as; the opinions of the audience and the outcome. This feedback will be useful for the next step of the Personal Project, writing the essay.

Our students have put a tremendous effort into their Personal Projects. The parents and other students were amazed and impressed. We are proud of our MYP5 students. 

Excellent work!

April 19, 2023


Bogaerts International School