Careers Forum

A career is the sum of your professional journey. Many graduates embark on a career because it can help them achieve their goals, such as acquiring more knowledge and experience, taking on more responsibility, or earning higher salaries. However, as a teenager, filtering the careers that may best suit or resonate with who we are at this time is a difficult challenge. For this reason, we believe in the importance of creating opportunities for students to converse with individuals who have found success and happiness in different industries, and who can serve as sources of inspiration to help students to design a personal inquiry that serves as a platform to make this important decision in life.At BIS, we believe that schools need to prioritise careers education as much as other lessons to help young people achieve their potential. We welcome our students with open arms and acknowledge the responsibility to support their growth. Likewise, as we train them to take the next step in their life beyond our premises, we feel equally committed to help them make astute decisions.

Bogaerts International School