Student Support 

At Bogaerts International School (South Campus) we know that every child has different needs & aptitudes and that every child faces challenges at some point during their school lives. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to educating your children and we’re keen to work with you to ensure your child is empowered to overcome any social or academic barriers so that they can excel in life. 

Student Wellbeing 

Promoting Pro-Social Behaviours 

We believe in the inherent goodness of children and young adults and we know that given the right support and encouragement, they will make decisions for the betterment of themselves, their peers and the wider community. We aim to empower our students and provide them with the skills needed to be a well-rounded and secure life-long learner. 

Student Counselling & Support

We know that everyone needs a supportive ear and a shoulder to lean on from time to time. Therefore, the school has a robust team of Homeroom teachers, educators, Learning Support staff as well as a dedicated Dean of Students and Child Protection Officer to ensure every student has a responsible and supportive adult, who can work with you as parents, to help support your child in school.  

Student Leadership 

In order to grow the leaders of tomorrow, we must support them in being leaders today ! We strongly advocate for our students to have a voice in helping our school community function and in working together to create a vibrant school community.

From the time our students are in their first year of primary until the time they finish their IB Diploma, we formalise this voice and have elected Student Council Representatives meet regularly with school leadership to express the opinions of their peers.   

Similarly, from our House Leaders to our Student Mentors to our Class Ambassadors, our students relish any opportunity to enact positive change in our community and to ensure that all interactions between our students are guided by support, care and a belief that in our community, everyone has their place. 

Bogaerts International School