Why Bogaerts?


B.I.S. is the only IB Continuum World School in Brussels.


B.I.S. recruits faculty and staff that are not only highly-qualified, but also make the learning community’s well-being their top priority; our staff are passionate, innovative, understanding, and kind;


B.I.S. provides a learning environment based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and safety; students, parents, and teachers are inspired to learn together, work as a team, and treat each other as valued members of a community;


B.I.S. puts family first, and works diligently to establish special relationships between staff, students, parents, and members of the community;


B.I.S. ensures small class sizes and the ultimate individualized learning experience, and prides itself on inclusivity


The language of instruction at B.I.S. is English, opening up endless possibilities for your student using the most spoken language in the world;


The B.I.S. learning community represents approximately 50 countries spread across the globe, ensuring that diversity and cultural understanding are integral parts of teaching and learning;


B.I.S. is situated in the domain “Latour de Freins“, giving it the feel of a rustic, secluded castle landscape, but with immediate access to Uccle and Brussels; this is the perfect blend of rural, suburban, and urban environments – offering up a multitude of learning opportunities both inside and outside of its gates;


The B.I.S. administrative and leadership teams are dedicated to overseeing the success of the student within the learning environment, – there are no problems for our team – only solutions


B.I.S. offers an international education in every sense of the word; from our own community’s diversity, to the exploration of the world at large through excursions, community service, IB CAS, and other various learning experiences, B.I.S. is truly committed to offering your student exposure to a globalized society.

Life at Bogaerts

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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop students who can apply knowledge, skills and principles to contribute to the global community.  Thus, Bogaerts International School curriculum focuses on the individual learner, and seeks to foster both personal and academic growth through relevant and forward-thinking learning experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine passionate, technologically innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching and learning with shared community values to foster a love of inquiry, and therefore a dedication to positive action around the world.

Our Philosophy

Bogaerts International School holds these values above all others:

  • Respect: recognizing the importance of all parts of a community equally and valuing ourselves, others and our surroundings;
  • Integrity: possessing the qualities of honesty and fairness, and applying those qualities to the learning community to improve it;
  • Collaboration: engaging members of the learning community to enhance motivation and the quality of learning;
  • Family: fostering a sense of safety and trust within the learning community;
  • Innovation: instilling knowledge and skills within the learning community that prepare students for their futures in a changing and increasingly digitized world.
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