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This message is on behalf of the student councils –

To raise funds for our upcoming Halloween carnival, we have planned a non-uniform day for 18/10/2019 (next Friday). 

The theme of our non-uniform day is “pyjama day.” For the price of 2 EUR, students can choose to wear their pyjamas to class.

We do have a few expectations:

  1. Pyjamas must be respectful for school;
    1. Length of top and bottom should be appropriate (plus, the weather is cold, so the school is cold!);
    2. Printed words or images should be school-appropriate

  2. A blanket is acceptable if it is “worn” and taken care of, and doesn’t disrupt a classroom

  3. Pillows should be left at home (as it is potentially disruptive to the learning day and to our focus)

  4. Footwear (shoes/slippers) must be good for the given weather of the day (it will probably rain!)

If you would like to participate in Pyjama Day, just bring 2 EUR to any student council representative! We will keep track of all payments through our treasurer. You can bring your contribution up until Thursday, 17/10/2019.


B.I.S. Student Councils

October 18th, 2019

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