Stay & Play will be an electronic free experience for your children. Each day we will present three to four organized activities including:  

  • Daily homework assistance;
  • A daily organized outdoor sports activity (indoor gym activity during inclement weather);
  • A daily organized indoor game to encourage self-expression and creative thinking;
  • A daily visit to the library in which we will read to the children and encourage reading;
  • Supervised free-play in the playground area.

After-School Workshops Schedule and Rates* 

Rates for each workshop are based on the number of weeks for each of four terms (6, 8, 10 and 8 weeks), as well as additional or special material costs, if applicable. A substantial discount is applied for students already enrolled in Stay & Play during the workshop’s hour.

Discounts are applied to the total cost for students who are enrolled in more than one workshop per year (2 = 10%, 3 = 15%, 4 or more = 20%). All prices include VAT/TVA.

STEAM4KIDS 2020-2021 After-School Program
STEAM4KIDS 2020-2021 After-School Program
Young Engineers – Science Discovery – Photography – Photoshop – Yoga – Bollywood Dance – Robotics – Mechanical Computer Engineering – Multi Sports – Video Editing – Russian Beginners
We are science ambassadors and communicators. We strive to present scientific and engineering concepts in a way that is both understandable, and entertaining to young people, with the hope that we can ignite a curiosity and appreciation that might not otherwise be present.
Children are naturally curious, and our goal is to accelerate their path of discovery, equip them with essential, critical thinking tools, as well as a foundation of key scientific and engineering concepts. We want children to carry with them a model of the universe based on skepticism and empirical data.

See schedule in following pages for types/subjects of workshop. Rates (VAT/TVA included) are based on length of workshop and specialized materials required to host the workshop;

  • Substantial discounts are applicable to children already enrolled in “Stay & Play” during the hours of the workshop;
  • Discounts are applicable to children enrolled in multiple workshops;
    • Enrollment for 2 workshops = 10% discount
    • Enrollment for 3 workshops = 15% discount
    • Enrollment for 4+ workshops = 20% discount
Feedback offers weekly coding sessions for children from 10 to 14 years old. These sessions are intended to teach them the basics of programming and computer logic, while having fun of course!

It is through the creation of video games that your child will develop the skills necessary for any good developer.

The code can make real the dragons of our imaginary world!

Learning the code is the art of making mistakes! Here, there is no pressure. We want you to be wrong and to understand why! The school sometimes approaches the courses of programming, but always in a frame too strict to allow the freedom to choose what we wants to do, to choose what motivates us.

We want to help children understand how all this is possible through games they have imagined and build. Thanks to the Scratch software developed by MIT in 2006, millions of children are learning to use this graphic language to develop their own interactive stories, their own games.

More info?
Please email us: feedback.asbl@gmail.com

Tennis – FREE TRIAL 

All levels from 3 to 18 years old September 6th 2020

Reserve your place at franckallegre@gmail.com

Created in 2001, our tennis school aims to transmit our passion for tennis to children from 3 years old. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.
Our school offers an annual cycle of tennis, dance and multisport lessons. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.
In order to guarantee quality education and keep this family spirit that characterizes us, the groups will be formed according to the age and level of the child. Groups include a maximum of 4 children.

Visit our site: www.creativetennisacademy.be

Contact us: vanessa@cta-tennis.be

 Boxing is an educational sport that adapts to everyone, whatever the age, provided that it is supervised by an excellent teacher with pedagogy.
There are many. There are the physical benefits of course since during a class, the child will exercise a maximum, running, jumping, working the muscles of the whole body and laughing which is excellent for the abs. , there is also an evolution at the mental level. I work with them the psychomotricity (the right, the left, the feet, the hands, etc.) but also the reflexes, the agility, the coordination of the movements. long term, boxing allows a child to gain self-confidence, he is able to achieve goals, to progress, to exceed his limits and that is excellent for the image he has of him. also attaches great importance to teaching them respect for instructions and for each other. It is obviously forbidden to hurt. And I must say that it goes very well. Faced with novelty, children are attentive and The group effect is also beneficial. They observe, imitate and learn together. 
 Contact us: 0474 39 41 52
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