International School - BI School - Brussels / Waterloo

Support for Special Educational Needs

In keeping with the school mission and goals, we believe that all students can reach their fullest potential with the right support. Teachers at Bogaerts International School have the responsibility to continually observe and report student progress to identify any special needs concerns. All staff share the responsibility of supporting every student, and all teachers understand the complexity in the development process, especially for students with specific challenges. The underlying principle in the school’s approach to education is that it should be as inclusive as possible. To this end, we aim to support, where practicable, the individual learning support requirements of students.

It is the policy of the school to meet student needs that cannot be met solely by subject teachers through Learning Support sessions. If a student’s needs cannot be adequately met, professional counselling is made available to the student. School coordinators and counsellors will decide on the action needed to help students progress.

This may include:

  • language support;
  • individual academic support;
  • introduction to differentiated learning;
  • different learning materials or special equipment.

Our support programme is available to all students and attendance will be encouraged for students who are not meeting the objectives during the academic year in order to accelerate progress. Support classes may take place in lieu of extracurricular activities. Our support classes come at a cost of €750 per semester, although this is subject to vary depending on the support needed.



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Chloe / Year 11

Bogaerts International School has helped me become a critical thinker and more open-minded to different cultures.