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The Middle Years Programme

What is the Middle Years Programme?

Pedagogical Philosophy

Our goal in secondary school is to break the stereotypical school system mould of overcrowded classrooms, teachers that are not committed, and students who get lost in the maze. We seek to instil a desire to learn; to nurture students’ curiosity and enthusiasm about the world.

In practice, teachers lecture for a maximum of 20 minutes before working alongside the students. This allows teachers to not only continually keep tabs on the level of each student but also maximises the opportunities for teachers to quickly apprehend students who may not have fully grasped a concept.

This method also allows each student to work at his/ her own pace, all while continually moving forward. One way of explaining our method is in sporting terms. In essence, we «train» students and because each student is unique, we can tailor the pace and rigour of lessons so no student falls behind. We have seen this method work extremely well as it has been the cornerstone of Bogaerts Education for the past 47 years and we intend to continue it. Consequently, our motto is : «More at school, less at home!» We encourage students to put in a maximum effort at school with the reward of there being less homework when they do so.

The Curriculum

Students in Years 6 to 10 follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme consisting of eight subject groups:

  • language and literature (English or French)
  • language acquisition (French or English)
  • individuals and societies (History, Geography, Current Affairs, Business Studies)
  • sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • mathematics
  • arts (Visual and Performing Arts)
  • physical and health education
  • design

The Middle Years Programme Model



Steve Dzialowski

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Chloe / Year 11

Bogaerts International School has helped me become a critical thinker and more open-minded to different cultures.