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B.I.S. offers an early years programme designed with the intention of both fostering a love of learning from age 3, but also to slowly prepare students for the structured academic experience in primary school.


The school has a lovely Nursery campus located at Avenue Beau Séjour 12, 1410 Waterloo. Our nursery section caters to students aged 18 months to 2.5 years and embraces the physical and creative areas of child development in a welcoming environment. Our teachers work with a very small number of children to ensure quality and experiences that are fun and stimulating. More information available on


Pre-Reception, taking place at Domaine Latour de Freins and designed for children ages 2.5 to 4, is best characterized as an inquiry-based approach to education, and is Montessori-inspired. In this approach, students are encouraged to learn through exploration and discovery, and with noticeably less structured activities than in the later stages. Students are given freedom of movement and experience. Our approach avoids direct instruction, and is guided by a teacher who is experienced with the age group and the best way to help them learn. This programme fosters at the earliest age a love of inquiry and learning, which is a primary concern of our mission statement. Though learning, of course, takes place, this learning is much more passive, and will not adhere to the same structure that the rest of our primary school is conducted in.


As students approach the age of 5, the course takes on a slightly more focused aspect, and serves as a more formal introduction to the primary schooling process. However, all of our education runs through a single idea: that student-led discovery and inquiry on a global scale should be the focus of any good education. Students will also be introduced, at all stages but especially at age 5, to our head-start reading programme, which is a unique feature of our school. In the Belgian system, as well as in many other European settings, children do not learn to read until around age 6. In our school, to prepare the students for international education, we introduce the concepts of phonetics and reading a year earlier! This will be the culmination of the achievements in the early years programme.



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Chloe / Year 11

Bogaerts International School has helped me become a critical thinker and more open-minded to different cultures.