Bravo Paola, Fracia & Camille!!

The MIT LaunchX Demo Day took up the entire weekend in order to allow all participants to build on skills that they have learned during the six months spent working on their company. With teams from all over Europe participating, we, as participants, witnessed creative ideas from people who truly held a passion for entrepreneurship. Working together with members of other teams was a highlight of the weekend in many ways, letting us create friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures while still working on our shared interest. Finally pitching our individual companies on Sunday suddenly felt much easier as we already had some friends in the crowd, friends who welcomed each other as the teams walked to the stage, friends who showed genuine interest in each other’s startups, friends who congratulated each other on a job well done after all the pitching and the award ceremony. 

While we, unfortunately, didn’t receive the honour of going to Boston for the Globals Round, us winning the “Most Innovative” price was an incredible honour by itself. Working on our startup company, CFP Panties, truly led to us learning more about ourselves, our individual skills, assets, and the value that we each brought to the company. All in all, it was an incredible experience with amazing people and an amazing team!