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Latour de Freins

Domaine Latour de Freins

The château was erected by the architect MAQUET in 1890. The U shaped building takes full advantage of the available sunlight and the Flemish neo-renaissance shape, typical for the period, allies brick masonry with white and blue stone bonds and a natural slated roofing. The property comprises a wooded park with a surface area of 62,800m2.


A wide range of sporting, music, creative and performing arts and other extracurricular programmes are available through the Sports Programme. The programme offers a multitude of sports for all ages, every day of the week.

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Royal Wellington Club
At Culture School, a wide selection of cultural activities and events are available to students. We believe that musical and artistic ability promotes many other talents as well, so the purpose of the Culture School is to develop this musical and artistic talent together with creativity, teamwork and stage presence.
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Steve Dzialowski

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Chloe / Year 11

Bogaerts International School has helped me become a critical thinker and more open-minded to different cultures.